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The secure way for sell your files, anonymously, in crypto-currencies. Discover here answer to your question(s).

What level of anonymity does this site guarantee us?

No JavaScript. No Cookies. Only Crypto-currencies address and your files are required.

What are your official links?

How much I will receive for each sale as a creator?

You will receive 96% of amount of each sell.

Is it free?

Yes, upload is free.

I have been scammed, what should I do?

We don't refund any RubyBox™. Please report RubyBox™ at

Which payment options are available?


When will I get paid as a creator?

On a daily basis.

Do I need an account to buy?

No, you can buy anonymously. In such a case, you will get a pass after buying for deferred access.

Is there an affiliate program?

Not yet.

How to make ads?

Register to an account and start your ads campaigns. We don't recommand any websites in ads.

How can I change my password?

You can change your password in your dashboard if you are connected. For anonymous creation, due to the impossibility to verify the author, it is not possible to change it. Create an account, it's free and without log.

what is the maximum size for uploaded files?

300 Mb.

What are the extensions allowed?

.jpg / .jpeg / .png / .txt / .7z / .rar / .zip / .tar /

What is the minimum price for a RubyBox™?

Minimum price is currently $3.

What is a private field for a RubyBox™?

Private RubyBox™ is accessible with a password.

Is there a length limit for text?


How to contact you?

Is there bug bounty campaigns?

There is no at the moment, but we can discuss it.

Is there a minimum sale per month?

After 2 months without a sale, we delete this current RubyBox™ informations and file(s).

I've detected a RubyBox™ scam, how do I report it?

Please send us an email at

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